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We here at Qualtrax pride ourselves in our commitment to you, our customer.

Our customers play important roles in our society that in most cases have a direct impact on human health and safety and we consider ourselves a serious partner in ensuring you are successful in your mission. As part of our continual commitment to you, we strive to understand how we can improve.

We collect this information in a variety of ways. One of the most important ways we make sure we understand exactly where we need to focus is by regularly sending you a survey that asks a simple question:

“How likely are you to recommend us to a colleague or friend?”

The results help us gauge how we are doing as a solution provider. You may recall seeing this survey this past fall and maybe even having submitted a response. Well, we are proud to say that the results told us that we are still on the right track. The overall results put Qualtrax in the ranks with some of the world’s most highly regarded and recognizable solution providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, American Express, Marriott, Southwest Airlines, Netflix, and many more.

However, the results also reinforced our belief that our work is never done. In this survey, we also ask our customers to provide specific comments We comb through this feedback looking for areas for improvement and affirmation of features or services we need to protect. We take all feedback and make sure it gets to the right place. We also segment the feedback into buckets or themes to help us drive our focus. In Fall of 2018, here’s what you had to say:

What we are doing well:

  • 35% Customer Care
  • 31% Dependable/User Friendly
  • 23% Robust Features
  • 11% Other

This year’s feedback overwhelmingly praised the care, attention, and responsiveness Qualtrax provides to its customers in need. We also consider this one of the many specific facets that allows us to be the preferred provider in the eQMS market. We promise to continue to put customer empathy at the forefront of our priorities. We believe this attention to the needs of our customers is what drives the next two areas of affirmation we received, a dependable user friendly product and a robust featureset. Though we believe that we can continually improve in these areas, we do pride ourselves in the depth of features and applications we have been able to build into Qualtrax over the last 25 years and never get tired of hearing the same from our users.

Where we need to improve:

  • 36% - Intuitiveness/User Interface

With a robust and feature rich software like Qualtrax, we understand how use of the software overtime can get more complex without making an initiative to redesign it. We plan to meet this issue head on. We have already started working on a series of major enhancements aiming to lay a whole new look and feel over the Qualtrax product. The goal being to ensure the design gives the user a more intuitive interface to complete tasks quicker and easier. Version 2018 R3 was the first big push we made that completely changed the general navigation pane to be more clean and modern. Our goal was to create a general feel that was simple and quick, and according to feedback received so far, we hit the mark! We will continue to make usability enhancements in other areas of the product like providing data visualization and dashboarding.

  • 21% - Administration Options
We are working to prioritize specific items that will improve an administrators usability of Qualtrax. The result will be improvements that focus on central areas like User and License Management, Standards Management, and other areas that make managing Qualtrax today not as efficient as desired.

  • 19% - Limited Functionality/Options
We are seeing that Qualtrax is the preferred eQMS provider by many because of our wide range of configurability and integration options. We are continuing to look at options for adding features and configurability while also reducing complexity.

  • 10% - Training Options

We are proud of our people and the training services they provide, but we agree that sometimes users need more on the fly resources . This is a major priority for Qualtrax Support and Services teams and we are planning to generate a significant amount of self help resources within our customer portal.

We have an action packed year ahead of us and it is all thanks to you, our customers, being open and transparent about what we are doing well and how we can continue to improve. We are excited to return the favor and be open and transparent with you as we make progress on all of the great initiatives set ahead of us in 2019. Look for us to be back in touch this Fall with an overview of all of the progress we made in 2019, just in time for you to tell us how we are doing all over again.

CJ Page
Vice President of Operations

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